Second Hand Locomotives

After the completion of a construction project, SCHÖMA locomotives will be productive for many years before ending up at the scrap heap.

With our buy back programme for used locomotives, we are flexible to provide customers with fully operational locomotives within a short period and with attractive prices.

Our current stock mainly comprises tunnel locomotives including the following types:

  • CFL – 350 DCL (350 kW – 35 t – 900 mm)
  • CFL – 200 DCL (180 kW – 35 t – 900/1000 mm)
  • CFL – 180 DCL (140/180 kW – 25 t – 750/900 mm)
  • CHL – 60 G (75 kW – 12/16 t – 600/750 mm)

Second hand SCHÖMA locomotives are either offered only checked and inspected or completely overhauled.

Depending on the condition of the locomotive, our delivery times range from two weeks up to four months ex works.

You need some detailed information or intend to resell a SCHÖMA locomotive?

Feel free to contact our sales department at any time.