Training Programmes

To ensure your SCHÖMA locomotive is operated in the best possible manner, we offer comprehensive, ongoing training for your operating and maintenance personnel.

Driver Training

Within this training course, we instruct your drivers to safely operate the locomotive and to reliably perform daily maintenance tasks.

Basic Maintenance Training

Within this training course, we instruct your staff to safely operate the locomotive, to reliably perform specific periodic maintenance tasks and to resolve simple failures.

Maintenance and Repair Training

This training course provides the knowledge how to perform extensive maintenance activities and how to resolve even more complicated failures.

The training course is aimed at mechanics or electricians with sufficient technical knowledge, who are familiar with the maintenance and repair of locomotives and who have already participated in the basic maintenance training or who possess equivalent knowledge and practical experience.

System Comprehension and Troubleshooting Training

For locomotives with comprehensive control and monitoring functions, we instruct your maintenance personnel concerning the overall system functionality, thus allowing them to locate and resolve complex failures.