Repair and Maintenance Package

The repair and maintenance packages described below are examples. Of course, we are glad to modify the scope of the packages to meet your demands.

Commissioning / Recommissioning
If you would like to recommission your locomotive after it has been out of operation for an extended period, or if you have purchased a second hand SCHÖMA locomotive on the open market, we will inspect the basic functions and provide you with support during the commissioning process.

If you perform all relevant maintenance tasks on your own responsibility, our specialists inspect your SCHÖMA locomotive at extended intervals: We perform a visual inspection of the safety-relevant parts and provide you with practical information for additional maintenance.

Do you want to keep the safety of your locomotives is constantly up to the highest standards? We are happy to handle all of the maintenance work for you.

Our team is ready to assist if you want to customize your SCHÖMA locomotives to changed work conditions.

General Overhaul
We offer complete overhauls for older SCHÖMA locomotives. Depending on the condition of the locomotive, we replace the engine and transmission and overhaul the axles, pneumatic brakes, electrical system and other components. Your locomotive will then be as good as new!

We recommend that these types of major overhauls are performed at our factory.