After Sales Service


For exceptional quality

From the first contact to the completed locomotive, we cooperate as closely as possible with our customers. SCHÖMA employs highly qualified and motivated personnel, who will be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding the purchase and construction of a locomotive.

In order to guarantee you the best possible quality, we provide among other things:

  • Technical and commercial advice
  • Short-term preparation of quotations
  • Individual, customised design of the locomotives for each project
  • Preparation of project and construction progress reports
  • Customised spare parts packages
  • Technical information and calculations
  • Quotations for locomotive rental

After Sales Service

We are pleased to help you

Having purchased a SCHÖMA locomotive, you enjoy owning a durable and reliable product.

After the delivery of a locomotive, our service technicians perform the handing over and operator/driver training as well as maintenance training. We provide you with complete operating and maintenance manuals including spare parts lists and design diagrams.

In case you need more detailed information or have any questions while operating with the locomotive, you can contact our customer service hotline seven days a week. If a solution cannot be found via the hotline staff, our technicians will travel on short notice to assist you on site. To maintain the high quality of your SCHÖMA locomotive, we also offer comprehensive service and training packages.

If you do not find the training you are looking for in our list of offerings, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to develop a suitable solution to meet your individual needs.

In addition to training your personnel, we also offer comprehensive repair and maintenance programmes to ensure the proper functioning of your locomotive in the long term.

Training Programs

In order to optimally operate your SCHÖMA locomotive, we provide comprehensive and effective training for your operating and maintenance personnel.

Driver Training

We instruct your locomotive drivers to operate the locomotive safely and enable them able to carry out the daily maintenance work reliably.

Basic Maintenance Training

By this training your personnel will learn to operate the locomotive safely, to carry out regular maintenance work and to eliminate simple faults.

Maintenance and Repair Training

If you want your personnel to carry out more extensive maintenance work and eliminate malfunctions, this training is the basis: It is aimed at mechanics or electricians with sufficient technical understanding who are familiar with the maintenance and repair of locomotives and have already participated in the basic maintenance training or have comparable knowledge and practical experience.

System Comprehension and Trouble Shooting

In case you have a locomotives with extensive control and monitoring functions, we would like to instruct your maintenance personnel to understand the overall system in order to locate and eliminate more complicated malfunctions.

Repair and Maintenance Program

To ensure that your SCHÖMA locomotive always remains a reliable partner

Commissioning / Recommissioning

If you would like to recommission your locomotive after it has been out of operation for an extended period, or if you have purchased a second hand SCHÖMA locomotive on the open market, we will inspect the basic functions and provide you with support during the commissioning process.


If you perform all relevant maintenance tasks on your own responsibility, our specialists inspect your SCHÖMA locomotive at extended intervals: We perform a visual inspection of the safety-relevant parts and provide you with practical information for additional maintenance.


Do you want to keep the safety of your locomotives constantly up to the highest standards? We are happy to handle all of the maintenance work for you.


Our team is ready to assist if you want to customize your SCHÖMA locomotives to changed work conditions.

General Overhaul

We offer complete overhauls for older SCHÖMA locomotives. Depending on the condition of the locomotive, we replace the engine and transmission and overhaul the axles, pneumatic brakes, electrical system and other components. Your locomotive will then be as good as new!

We recommend that these types of major overhauls are performed at our factory.

Technical Support

Quick, direct and competent

You can reach us every day by phone, e-mail or fax. Calling SCHÖMA, you are not connected to an anonymous and inflexible call centre! Instead, we give you direct, expert assistance for troubleshooting or help identifying appropriate spare parts. If necessary, we can also set up the next possible appointment for a service technician to visit your site. Our personnel will be happy to assist you!



All set.

Would you like to know more? Just give us a call or write us - we are always there for you.

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After Sales Service Director

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