Tunnel Locomotives

Tunnel Locomotives

Our home are the tunnels of the world

Together with tunnel construction companies and mining companies all over the world, we have developed locomotives that perform reliably even under demanding conditions. The robust frame construction prevents damage in the event of collisions or derailments, the low centre of gravity ensures good running characteristics even on poor tracks.

It goes without saying that we only use the latest generation of diesel engines, which comply with the exhaust emission limits of the relevant EU directives. 

All components are designed for use under extremely wet and dusty conditions, without any special maintenance being required. The weight and drive power as well as external dimensions, functionality and additional equipment are designed according to the customer's requirements - just contact us!

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Drive Systems

No way too far, no gradient too extreme

Water or supply tunnels, metro or mine shafts - every project is different and challenging. With our various types of locomotives, you are always ready for action, even in the narrowest of tunnels or on steep gradients. 


The long-running favourite for universal use - flexible in terms of operating mode, performance and equipment. A robust, functional and maintenance-friendly design is the trademark of our hydrodynamic locomotive. This type is available in the weight range from 18 to 45t with corresponding engine power from 125 to 360kW in gauges up to 1000mm. Suitable for tunnel diameters from 5 to 15m and gradients up to 3%.


The specialist for demanding tracks - for gradients of up to 7% we have developed a special drive concept using a hydrostatic drive. The locomotive can be coupled with one or two driven trailers and synchronized by an electric control system to increase tractive effort. This type of locomotive is available in the weight range from 5 - 60t and corresponding engine power from 55 - 360kW in gauges up to 1000mm.

Hydrostatic Driven Platform Car (Tandem)

The low-priced and practical alternative to double traction with two locomotives - our hydrostatic driven platform cars convince with a significant increase in tractive power and are excellently suited for transporting overburden buckets, mortar mixers or other loads. 

Hybrid Tunnel Locomotive

Our way into the future - the SCHÖMA hybrid locomotive is robust, easy to maintain, safe, convinces through energy recovery and combines all the advantages of electric drives and diesel engines. This type is available in the weight range from 25 - 27t in gauges up to 1000mm with a maximum output of 120kW.

Battery Electric Tunnel Locomotive

Our ecological locomotive for clean air in tunnels. Our battery-powered locomotives are the ideal alternative, especially for smaller projects where sufficient ventilation is only possible to a limited extent or exhaust gases from diesel engines are not permitted. This type is available in the weight range from 9 - 25t in track gauges up to 900mm. The electric drive power is in the range from 38 to 76kW. 


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Would you like to know more? Just give us a call or write us - we are always there for you.

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